Thursday, March 12, 2015

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Assalamualaikum people!
Err.. I realised that I haven't being writing for a while. I am indeed working on it. To be able to write and express my thoughts as soon as I can discover the 'touch' again. But for now here's a post about reflection that I actually write for one of my elective course, Alternative Dispute Resolution. I found after reading an article about Conflict, an actually different dimension of how a conflict should be perceived. So here you go. I promise to get back to my writing routine as soon as possible. InsyaAllah... 

Conflict is a natural process. I would even say conflict is something routine, something that happens on a daily basis. It occurs because mankind is not created to be same. We are created to differ and distinct from each other. A conflict can take place even in the simplest situation. For example when two people try to decide where to have dinner. Often the term conflict is associated with negative implications. This is entirely untrue as conflict if handled properly would produce a constructive result. The aftermath of a conflict may lead to a stronger bond and better understanding between parties. This is why, even when conflict is something common, it still needs to be regulated and controlled appropriately.

The opposite of something constructive is destructive. Uncontrolled conflict will become a dispute. This happen when the parties do not seek recourse for the matter. Conflicting parties frequently neglect their duty to communicate their problem. They make assumption, lots of them which is filled with self-service bias. Thus, when they relay the message between them it is usually fueled with misunderstanding. Some might argue that conflict needs to be resolved as soon as possible. However, the approach of striking the iron when it’s hot may lead to provocative discussion rather than a rationale one that we desire.

Hence, in any conflict, it is important to provide a period not only to cool down, but to think and prioritize. Each conflict must be addressed objectively by clearly understanding the nature of the conflict. Recognize whether the problem is indeed a problem. Try as best as we can to compromise and reach a balance in interests between conflicting parties. The golden rule of a good resolution is to ensure every party consented and willfully accepted the agreed settlement. Contrary to the court system which legally imposed judgment on the losing party often to the party’s dissatisfaction, mediation between parties results a better cohesion. Since the agreement is reached through mutual understanding, the parties will usually be more that willing to uphold their part of the promise.  It is advisable to have an impartial third party, to facilitate the process or at least as a referee.

In conclusion, do not run away from a conflict but rather face it with logic, rationality and objectivity. 



Mohammad Adhwa said...

Salam bro.

Nice entry. Keep it up bro. May Allah bless you.

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